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    As a dietetic student, intern, brand new registered dietitian and even now, twelve years into my career, mentors and colleagues have poured into my life. They have provided me with advice, guidance, constructive criticism and opened doors for me that I could have never opened on my own. Much of their impact has helped shape who I am today as a person, professional and registered dietitian, and I am forever grateful.

    The further I go in my career, the more I do and am asked to do the same thing for others. I have a passion to help registered-dietitians-to-be launch their unique, dream career in a profession that I love so much. In the same light, my passion extends to those registered dietitians who might be pivoting or transitioning in their dietetics career, as I too have walked in those shoes.  

    The launch of RD Career Jumpstart came from a dream to do this on a bigger platform to positively influence and impact the next generation of young professionals. Whether you watch one webinar or allow me the opportunity to work with you for months, I hope that some way, somehow, I play a role in helping you succeed in your dream career, and that one day you do it for someone else.

    Sincerely grateful,