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    an amazing impression

    “Amy was my first introduction to the dietetic community when I was a freshman Kinesiology major. Let’s just say, she left an amazing impression on how exciting, creative, and impacting being a dietitian can be and after talking with her I changed my major and will forever thank her for opening my eyes to this profession. She was a large part of that time in my life and has/will continue to be a mentor for me as I progress."

    Petra Rack, TCU Dietetic Intern

    see no boundaries

    “While spending time with Amy during my schooling and internship, she encouraged me to see no boundaries in the world of nutrition. Through her, I learned the importance of networking, determination, and ambition to see that I left a positive impact on each client, patient, and employee I have the opportunity to meet.”

    Megan Rhoades, MS RD LD CDE, Director of Nutrition Services - Texas Health Huguley Hospital

    wealth of knowledge

    “I approached Amy when I was first starting my private practice 4 years ago, and I am so happy that I did. She gave me so much useful advice, guidance, and was very generous with her time. Her knowledge and experience is incredible and I am impressed with the depth of her knowledge every time I talk with her. She is a wealth of knowledge, and anyone who can work with her is blessed.”

    Alicia Galvin Smith, MEd, RD, LD, CLT, Private Practice Dietitian

    incredibly valuable insight

    “From day one as a CPSDA student intern to today, as an RD working in professional sports, Amy's guidance helped me to excel in every opportunity that presented itself. Over the years, Amy has provided me with incredibly valuable insight and I can easily say that I would not be where I am today if it weren't for Amy's patience, knowledge, and dedication to the profession.”

    Kylene Bogden MS, RDN, CSSD, LDN, CLT, Functional Sports Dietitian - myfunctionalsportsnutrition.com

    true calling

    “Several years ago, I was at a major crossroads in life with my career. Amy was willing to mentor me, befriend me and let me work along side her. She connected me with 2 other Dietitians in the community, and surprisingly one of these women turned my life around again. She tapped into my true calling. Amy was my anchor, my mentor and coach! Most importantly she got me exactly where I needed to be! She was the jumpstart!! Thank you, Amy Goodson, for your commitment to our profession!”

    Kelly Gubert, RD, LD, CNSC, Registered Dietitian-Clinical Certified Nutrition Support Clinician

    truly invaluable

    "I owe every job I've had to Amy! She has helped me in every phase of my career as a dietitian, from undergrad, to graduate school, and the jobs that followed. I have learned so much from her as a dietitian and as a person. Her wisdom and connections in the dietetic world are truly invaluable!"

    Jennifer Klekar MS, RD, LD

    HUGE inspiration

    "When I got my first job in sports nutrition, I turned to Amy to help me navigate my way. She shared all of her experience and magical wisdom which gave me the confidence I needed to find my own voice in the sports nutrition field. Amy remains a HUGE inspiration to me of someone who handles career change with confidence, grace, and an abundance mindset. Talking to Amy is like getting a jolt of positivity and confidence."

    Dawn Jackson Blatner, RDN, CSSD

    develop a foundation

    “When I decided to transition into sports nutrition, after ten years of working in other areas of dietetics, Amy was the first person I contacted. She really helped develop a foundation for me to start from. Shortly thereafter I landed my first sports dietitian job. Thanks Amy!”

    Lindsey Field, MS, RDN, LD, Sports Dietitian, Mount Saint Mary's University

    makes the connection

    “Having a mentor has been one of the most beneficial aspects of my dietetics career. Amy has challenged me to grow as a newly credentialed dietitian, provided me with constructive feedback, and motivated me to get involved in professional organizations. She makes the connection between what you learn in the classroom and real life applications in the workplace. Her guidance and advice is incredibly valuable.”

    Juliana Elandary, MS, RD, CSSD, LD

    decorated career

    “Amy has been like a role model to me. She has opened doors of opportunity in the Sports Nutrition realm, provided me with sound advice when making decisions for my future, and shared invaluable wisdom from her decorated career when called upon. Above all, she has been a true and reliable friend that I have always been able to count on throughout the years!”

    Bri Butler, Future RD, Retired Pro-Athlete/NFL Wife/Entrepreneur

    practical and pragmatic

    “Amy Goodson comes with a record of impressive experience and service to the nutrition profession. While most know Amy for her wealth of experience in sports nutrition, my experience with Amy has highlighted her strong business acumen and keen sense for navigating the real world, taking a practical and pragmatic approach to every venture. Amy’s passion to educate and train our upcoming nutrition professionals makes her the ideal person to prepare our RDNs-to-be with the business and professional skills they will need as they enter the career world."

    Sarah Hendren MS, RDN, LD, CD, Nutrition & Quality Assurance Manager, Culver Franchising System LLC

    helped to create this path

    “Amy was the first sports dietitian I met while at TCU! I specifically asked my professor to do an internship with her so I could learn more about the sports nutrition world from someone that helped to create this path. She will answer any and every question you have without making you feel like you're taking up her time or asking something silly. She was truly my best mentor and is still my close friend!”

    Christina Strudwick, MS, RD, CSSD, LD, Consultant